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January 2, 2018

After a long break from pre-school I always try and get myself organised a few days before we start back so I know we can start the new term as organised as we possibly can be.

Amelie’s times at pre-school this half term are changing slightly as we are going to try her at lunch club. This is extra time at pre-school and means she’ll have her lunch there, which for both of us is new.

To get her ready for this and going back to school, I made my list of essentials that need to be ready…

  • Uniform labelled
  • Check both her outdoor and indoor shoes still fit
  • Check her back pack is still OK
  • Make sure she has appropriate coats for the rain/cold as we move into winter
  • Lunch box bought and labelled
  • Water bottle bought and labelled

Uniform labels

I had some really great uniform labels for previous years but over the summer they have disappeared to the place where odd socks and hair bands go so I ordered some new ones from Petit Fernard which are amazing for people like me who can’t sew! They stick onto the label of your childs clothes and wash, so there is no need to keep putting them on – AMAZING!

Coat and shoes

We bought Amelie a new warm and waterproof coat from Joules which she loves and is perfect for both rainy and cooler days.

Lunchbox and bottle

Next up was sorting a lunch box and water bottle with her name on. We chose these from Petit Fernard and they offer a personalised service. I loved that Amelie and I could personalise the products together, she was so excited to design them and kept asking when they would arrive!

The process to design your lunchbox/bottle was really easy (if you’re not indecisive)! First we chose our design. There were lots to choose from, princess scenes, pirate scenes, jungle themes etc, this was probably the hardest part for Amelie!



Once you have decided on your theme then you personalise with your name. You can choose the font and the colour. Amelie obviously decided on purple, her favourite colour!

And here was our finished product, it was great that Amelie could see it on screen and check she liked it before we ordered.

She was one happy toddler making the lunchbox.

We also chose a water bottle, which she personalised with a similar design and with her name.

So we are all ready for lunch club. She has her personalised bottle and lunch box. Now I just need to come up with some good ideas for packed lunches! Any idea please send them my way.

Do you try to get organised for the return to pre-school/school?

Sarah x

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