Nappy rash, my top tips

December 19, 2017

Nappy rash and how to treat it is one of those things I always used to look for when the girls had bad nappy rash.

Here are my top tips that I have learnt over the last three years…

Ditch the baby wipes

When the girls nappy rash is really bad I put away the baby wipes and go back to cotton wool and water. It might take a bit of extra cleaning but I do think baby wipes can sting if there is a very bad case of nappy rash.

Use a camomile tea bag

When Amelie had the worst nappy rash we ended up at the doctors and her advice was to add a camomile tea bag to the warm water being used with the cotton wool. It has soothing properties and I do think it took some of the pain away for her.

Find a nappy cream that works for your baby

Nappy rash creams are essential when it’s bad and you will naturally find one that works for you and your baby. We find a using Bepanthen in the day and Metanium at night the best solution for us. There are lots on the market so find the one that clears the rash up for your little one the best.


Air definitely a great cure for nappy rash, we all know if we have a cut or graze that when it’s stopped bleeding letting the air get to it is the best thing, so when the girls nappy rash is bad I try and take the nappies off when I can.

I also don’t use fragrance bubble bath, just in case that causes anymore irritation.

Change regularly

Make sure you change nappies more frequently and have the right size nappy. It sounds obvious but it’s just worth having at the back of your mind when it’s bad for them.

I also did a Youtube video on this, do check it out…


What are your top tips for nappy rash?

Sarah xx

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