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How to quickly create a professional logo

November 4, 2017

Whatever business you might have or want to start, making sure that your branding looks professional is essential. Companies spend millions on branding and for good reason, bad branding turns consumers away, you have a few seconds for someone to decide if they want to start a relationship with you – that’s not long so your messaging (which includes your logo) needs to be good.

When I started blogging I spent a long time thinking about my brand and how I wanted my blog to look. A logo or the way your brand name is displayed is really important. It needs to be clear, it needs to represent the way you want to convey your business and is the visual identity of your brand. I have been blogging for 11 months now and in that time I have already had one re-design because I wasn’t happy with the look and feel.

I am lucky that I have a few people who can help me with my design and logo’s but not everyone does and increasingly I am finding it hard to always ask for things, so I have been really pleased to find out about Logojoy.

Logojoy is an online logo maker which takes your company name and then based on logo styles that you like (you can choose five up front) suggests logos that it thinks you’ll like.

I am all about the simple, clean (and pink) logo’s, so this is what I put together for my Mama You Can series using Logojoy.

How can you create a logo quickly? 

1. First you select what package you want; either basic, premium or enterprise package

2. Then you add your company name

3. Once you’ve done that then select five logo’s you like from a list, this helps the tool understand what kind of logo you might like

4. Once you have done this you have the option of six colour charts, I selected pink here!

5. You can opt to have an icon in your logo as well, I skipped this step as I just wanted the copy, but if you do want an icon you can add in a term like ‘star’ and you’re given lots of options

6. Once you’ve completed those steps your logo is then generated for you. There are a number of different options, so now it’s the hard part where you need to decide which one you like the best!

7. Once you have decided on your logo there is a preview area for you to see what the logo may look like in the post, on clothes and on store fronts

8. You can change the initial logo they suggest for you with colours and font colours, but you can also change the layout and fonts to really make it your own.

Using Logojoy was seriously easy, I am no designer but I found all of the steps really self-explanitory and love the outcome!

Sarah x

*I was provided a logo package in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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  • Reply Lu Lovely November 6, 2017 at 12:07 am

    LogoJoy sounds great. I never have a clue about logos but recently helped a friend design one. It was like the blind leading the blind!
    Also, I thought you’d been blogging for years. Had no idea it was just 11 months ☺

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