Protecting their futures

October 11, 2017

I would do anything to protect my children and I’m always intrigued when I read about something that could potentially protect them from illnesses or help them in case they were ill.

I read about stem cell storage recently on Netmums and had no idea that it existed, not in a way that I could potentially use it if we had more children.

Stem cell storage definitely wasn’t something I considered when I was pregnant with the girls, it just wasn’t on my radar. The term rings a bell but other than that I didn’t really know what it is.

So what are stem cells and stem cell storage?

Stem cells are cells collected from your baby’s umbilical cord when you give birth. Stem cells can be used for treatment of certain illnesses, as they’re special cells that can be turned into different types of blood cells. They are currently used to treat conditions like leukaemia and lymphoma, but scientists hope to be able to use these cells for more treatments in the future.

There are companies that can collect the baby’s cord blood and cord tissue stem cells for parents in case they might be needed in the future.

Smart Cells & Netmums created a video to bring awareness to the topic, below. It’s a really interesting watch and something that as parents or parents to be it’s good to know about.

Had you heard of stem cells and stem cell storage? Is it something you looked into?

Sarah x

*Video provided by Smart & Netmums, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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