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Monkey music, our review

September 20, 2017
monkey music weybridge Hersham Surrey baby toddler class

With the return to school lots of us and me included will be looking for activities for the little ones we have at home. It can be so hard to find a good baby class that is fun for both Mama (or Dad) and little one but last term we found a brilliant one… Monkey Music.

Last term we were very lucky to be invited to try Monkey Music, a class that is run nationally by different franchises. We started a class with Monkey Music in Surrey (Weybridge & Cobham) run by the lovely Alex.

Alex grew up surrounded by music at home and played various instruments. She took part in musical theatre and was part of a choir and orchestra. When she had her first child she was passionate about exposing him to music as much as possible as she understood the developmental skills it teaches. Alex found Monkey Music five years ago and she continues to attend classes with her daughter. Alex says “I have watched as both my children have thrived and learnt through the progressive curriculum Monkey Music offers and as a family we have thoroughly enjoyed attending classes. When the opportunity came for me to run a franchise of my own I jumped at it.”


monkey music weybridge Hersham Surrey baby toddler class

Monkey Music offers a range of classes individually tailored for each age group from 3 months to 4 years.

The 4 age groups are:

Rock’n’Roll – babies from 3 months – 12 months (or when they are walking)

Heigh-Ho – 1-2 years

Jiggety-Jig – 2-3  years

Ding-Dong – 3-4 years

The class focuses on singing songs, using actions and engaging with colourful props and instruments. I loved the range of songs and props this class and so did Evie, she was so engaged throughout (she hardly looked at me) and always left tired – which I know is a sign she had a great time!

monkey music weybridge Hersham Surrey baby toddler class

The classes aim to help children build confidence, improve their vocabulary, coordination and develop vital life skills. As Evie is our second child and hasn’t been to as many classes as Amelie did I find that she always learns lots when we do find a class she likes.

monkey music weybridge Hersham Surrey baby toddler class

monkey music weybridge Hersham Surrey baby toddler class

monkey music weybridge Hersham Surrey baby toddler class

We absolutely loved our Monkey Music classes and I hope to take both Amelie and Evie to classes in the future. I have been to many baby and toddler classes over the last three years and this is definitely one of my favourites. As a ‘musical’ person myself I love the singing and incorporation of instruments, but I also love the prop play and sensory play that the classes offer. I genuinely think Evie grew and developed in her time at Monkey Music, she definitely now knows how to play instruments!! Amelie and Evie like to serenade me throughout the day, which is lovely – I am so keen that they have a love of music, just like I do.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Monkey Music you can find the link to their website here.

If you’re a Surrey Mummy and you’re interested in the Surrey classes Monkey Music Weybridge and Cobham is on Facebook.

Sarah xx

*We were invited to try Monkey Music in exchange for an honest opinion of the class. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.*

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