Let’s build each other up

September 13, 2017
I feel like over the past couple of weeks all I have seen are posts with such negativity. Why people hate Instamums, why mummy bloggers are annoying, why you can’t have your Instagram this way or that way and do you know what IT’S DRIVING ME MAD!

Why do we have to be so negative? I personally feel the beauty of the world we live in now is that everyone has a way to express themselves, be it through social media, film, writing. But if we take ourselves away from our screens and walk down the street what do you see? Do you see 200 people all wearing the same, talking the same and acting the same.


No. You see individuals. One person may love being creative, the other may hate it, one person might love Chinese food the other doesn’t. We’re different and thank flipping goodness for that or that world would be a pretty boring place wouldn’t it.


So why can’t we be different online? Well we can, but unfortunately there are trolls and keyboard warriors who would never in a million years go up to someone in the street and tell them not to dress the way they do so why is it OK to do that online?


What upsets me more is when fellow Instamums wade into the conversation and start preaching how ‘we’ should run our Instagram feeds. One I read said along the lines of (slightly changed the words) ‘I don’t like accounts that are too professional, curated and perfect’. To that I say, unfollow them, don’t start bringing them down in front of your hundreds of followers, isn’t what you’re saying and doing just like that playground bitchiness where one poor person is stood on their own being mocked by a group?


Maybe that Instamum loves taking photographs, maybe they take pride in what they create, maybe they don’t want to share the time they are cleaning sick off the floor, maybe they want to create an album they can look back on in years to come – to remember the beautiful moments. (I know I forget those moments, but I certainly remember the time I spent an hour cleaning sick off a car seat). Or maybe if you actually read their words they are talking about their struggles and maybe you can also find the wiping sick off the floor moments you crave on their Insta stories!


I’m not the only blogger writing a post like this, it seems there are lots of us out there who luckily want to support each other and build each other up rather than tear each other down.


Finally, to those who don’t like what us mummy bloggers or Instamums are doing, it’s very easy, unfollow, don’t read and move on.

Let’s support each other, this parenting game is tough enough as it is without people always questioning what we do, how we do it and being quite frankly, horrible.

Sarah xx

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