Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin review

September 8, 2017
cozy n safe merlin

We have been using the Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin for several months for our daughter Evie who is now 11 months old. We have been on several adventures; down to Dorset to see my family, up to Manchester to see my husbands family and we’ve been making use of my National Trust membership.

Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin – 4.2 out of 5

Here are some of the things we love about the Merlin:


The car seat is definitely comfortable. Evie without a doubt will sleep in it when we are travelling, as long as the trip coincides with nap time. If she isn’t sleeping she is very happy in the seat and will play or look out of the window. This for me is a sign she is comfortable in her seat and not wanting to escape!

This makes driving A LOT easier (and potentially safer) as I can concentrate on the road without having to worry about a baby crying or trying to get out of the straps in the back.

I think it is so comfortable because of the padding and material used, it feels lovely to touch and I am sure she also thinks so.

We recently had a car accident and had to stop using the Merlin as the law states every seat in an accident needs to be replaced. We borrowed an infant carrier from my sister for Evie to use for a trip we needed to make and I don’t think she was as comfortable. When she woke from her nap she really moaned and cried until we got to our destination so I have to say I really missed the Merlin on that long trip.

Ease of use

The Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin is definitely easy to use. We love the fact it’s all one piece of kit (isofix and car seat are attached). Once you have got to grips with how to extend the Isofix connectors it really is easy to install. We have only moved it once and that was out of our car into a taxi after our car accident to get me and the girls home. My husband was able to lift it out of our car and into the taxi in about 3 minutes. When we got home (without husband as he had to stay with out car) the taxi driver found it really easy to get it out of the car and into the house for us.

The only downside is that it can only fit into a car with Isofix. Most cars do these days, but when we discovered our car would take 10 days to fix after the accident and were offered a hire car we found that it didn’t have Isofix points which made it a bit difficult to use the seat. I would say before you buy this seat check that you do have Isofix points and that any car you would want to use it in has them as well.

We find it easy to adjust the seat both when we need to recline it for Evie to sleep and the headrest. There are instructions on the side of the seat which we find really useful, especially when we need to make an adjustment and need to reference them quickly.

360 rotating feature

This is my FAVOURITE feature of the Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin seat. I love the 360 turning ability. It makes getting Evie in and out of the seat so much easier. As we have another rearward facing seat for Amelie I am able to compare the difference and it is definitely much easier to be able to spin the seat to the side when getting them in and out so they are facing you. Evie often moves and squirms when she is tired so not having to reach into the car and try and do up the straps makes life a lot easier.

I have a back bad so it also helps me as I don’t have to do as much stretching and lifting into the car, which is brilliant as Evie is heavy!

You can see more of this feature in the video on my YouTube channel below…

Rear facing

This is something I am very passionate about, after reading lots on the subject. I will try and keep Evie rearward facing as long as I can. Amelie has been rearward facing until now (she is three) so I will try and keep Evie rearward facing until then. If you want to learn more have a look at this website.


It’s very difficult to say how safe a car seat is, you can obviously do your own research and I think you can see how well padded a seat is.

I mentioned that we had an accident and both girls were well protected in their seats so that for me signaled that both seats we had were safe and kept them safe.

You can also hear more about what we thought in our video on our Youtube channel…

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We have been really pleased with the Merlin. As I mentioned we are having to replace both girls seats after our accident and will be replacing Evie’s with another Merlin as we are so pleased with the seat.

It’s not only scored really well on all of the above but we also think it looks great (we love the colour and the fabric) and it has been really durable and not showed any signs of fading or wear. Which as parents of little ones will know is important as children love to throw food on seats, have accidents etc.

We have decided to give the Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin a rating for some of the features we have mentioned above. This is what we think out of 5.

  1. Comfort for baby, 4
  2. Safety features, 5  
  3. Ease of fitting, 4 
  4. Ease of adjustment, 4 
  5. Style, 5
  6. Durability, 4 
  7. Value for Money, 4  

Overall we give the seat 4.2 out of 5

*The Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin has just been awarded a bronze in the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards so not only do we think it’s fab lots of other Mums do as well*

Sarah x

*We were gifted the Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin to test over the last few months to use for this review and give feedback to the brand. All thoughts and opinions are 100% are own*

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