OXO Tots weaning review

June 21, 2017

We started our weaning journey with Evie a couple of months ago and one thing I am always really keen to ensure I have is really good equipment to make the process easier.

Our toddler is unfortunately quite a fussy eater and when she was a baby never sat well at the table/high chair, refused to eat from a spoon or drank well from a cup – we had a challenging time! Because of this I was determined that the process with Evie would be easier. We invested in a good high chair that she would sit in well, the Baby Bjorn and bought good weaning equipment.

We were asked by Oxo Tots to try some of their products when we started our journey and having already got a few of their things I was keen to try more.

What we have been trying…

Oxo Tot sippy training cup set 

This is a new sippy cup to the market and straight away I loved it! It’s a transition 4 in 1 cup so it grows with your baby.


The first stage is your ‘traditional’ sippy cup with a non leak lid and handles for your baby to easily hold.


The second stage removes the handles so they can practice holding a cup but if it gets dropped or thrown (as cups regularly do here) there won’t be water all over the floor!


The third stage is a trainer cup which we’ll use when Evie is a little older.


And finally it can also be an open cup.


It’s such a good idea as they very quickly need to learn how to try and drink from a normal cup so the fact you can mix the cup up means lots of practice time.


This is definitely Evie’s favourite and the one she drinks best out of – I don’t know if it’s just my children but they definitely have a cup that they drink more from!

We also tried out the Oxo Tot roll up bib.

This is another one we are loving for catching food that misses Evie’s mouth and seems to fit her really well. She’s also developed a habit of pulling bibs off – but she hasn’t managed it with this one yet!


Finally we tried the Oxo Tots weaning spoons. Luckily there are two in a pack as Amelie our toddler decided she liked them as well so they both dig into dinner with these. They’re great as they have a really soft tip – perfect if your baby is teething and spoons hurt.


We’ve been really impressed with all of the weaning kit from Oxo Tots, especially the cup which is one of my top products for Evie. It’s definitely a non leaking cup as I regularly throw it in the changing bag and we’ve had no leaks as yet. I’m looking forward to trying her with the later stages and not needing to buy another cup.

We have found the weaning process much easier this time around. So far Evie is a much better eater than Amelie and I think that’s down to; what we use, our attitude and her being able to watch her sister.

Sarah xx

*Thanks to Oxo Tots for sending us some of their products to use in our weaning journey. All of the thoughts and opinions of these are 100% my own.

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