Antipodes Merino baby sleeping bag review

June 12, 2017

I love baby sleeping bags for the girls. Amelie slept in one for over two and a half years and once Evie was at the right weight range we moved her out of blankets and into one.

I personally feel a lot happier when they’re in a sleeping bag. They are kept at a safe temperature (as long as you follow the layers guidelines), they can’t kick covers off and I think they feel more secure in the early days.

Antipodes Merino offered to send us one of their sleeping bags to try for Evie and as a BIG sleeping bag fan, but one that’s never tried a merino wool one I was really keen to see how she adapted to it.

Merino wool

I’ve always been intrigued about a merino wool sleeping bag as in theory you only need one sleeping bag all year as the wool keeps your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The wool is supposed to naturally take moisture away from the skin and regulate body temperature. There is a handy guide that comes with the bag which gives information on what to wear underneath to compliment the sleeping bag – which even as a second time Mama is so useful as I always worry and deliberate over what to dress the girls in.

First impressions

When we opened the sleeping bag for the first time my initial thoughts were how soft to touch, light and comfortable the sleeping bag looked and felt. Compared to some of the winter sleeping bags we have which can be quite heavy this felt so much lighter.

I love that the merino wool and organic cotton used to make up the bag is hypo-allergenic and kind to skin. It feels soft and after a few washes has stayed as soft as when we first started using it. I know I like soft and comfortable sheets on my bed so I hope Evie finds this comfortable as well.

The bag is suitable from 5kg, or approximately 3 months to around 2 years old and because of that there are underarm poppers so that you can adjust the fit of the sleeping bag when they are smaller – which is great for safety / comfort.

I really love that it has holes in it for easy transfer from cot to car seat and vice versa. Unfortunately Evie has been poorly recently and we had to take her to A&E. She was ready for bed in her sleeping bag and the fact we could quickly get her in the car seat without having to get her undressed etc was amazing! Obviously this was a fairly extreme situation but if we were going on a long car journey in the evenings or early mornings this would make the transfer a lot easier.

The test

We decided to try the sleeping bag out both on holiday and at home at two different temperatures to really put it to the test.

We tried it at home first. 

When we first received the sleeping bag it was still quite cool so my first thought was what to put underneath! I consulted the quick guide and on the first night Evie wore a babygrow and the following night a long sleeved vest as her room was warmer.

I dream feed Evie around 10pm so the test was to see how comfortable she felt and whether she felt too hot or cold. I was amazed that on both nights she felt a perfect temperature and wasn’t desperate for milk which she sometimes can be if she has been too hot.


antipodes merino wool sleeping bag


On holiday

We dressed Evie in a long sleeved vest on holiday as it was warmer and she slept so well in the sleeping bag. She didn’t seem too hot even though the temperature was significantly warmer than at home.

We were really impressed with the sleeping bag and the versatility for temperatures meant we only needed to take one for the plane, evenings in the buggy and sleeping in the room.


I have been really impressed with this sleeping bag. The big draw for me for this one over other sleeping bags was how durable it was for differing temperatures, it means that you only need to spend money on one sleeping bag for all seasons and as long as you follow the temperature chart you know your baby will be at the correct temperature. I also really love how long Evie can sleep in it for, most bags go from birth-ish – 6 months, then 6 months – 18 months whereas this goes from 3 months to two years. Although this sleeping bag costs more up front than other bags you save money in the long run by not having to buy potentially 5 or 6 traditional bags, or more if you need spares. 

I am totally sold on Merino wool sleeping bags and wish I had discovered them sooner.

Sarah xx

Do you use merino wool sleeping bags (or this one)? Do you think they’re good for all seasons?

*We were kindly sent this sleeping bag to review for our recent holiday, all views and opinions are 100% my own.

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