Little Angels nappies review 

May 24, 2017

We go through A LOT of nappies in this house. With a baby and a toddler both wearing them big factors for me when buying nappies are cost, comfort and probably the most important one – no leaks! A leak when you’re trying to get out and about with two (or one) is never ideal.

We were offered the chance to review ASDA’s Little Angels nappies recently and I was really keen to try them as we have previously tried their Peppa Pig Pants with Amelie and were really impressed.

This time we have been trialling their comfort and protect range which are mean to:

  • protect baby through the night
  • have a feather like softness
  • protect from leaks with an elasticated waist band at the back
  • absorb 30 times their own weight
  • and have a size up guide so you know when to move nappies (when the tabs you use to do up the nappy start to move onto the white rather than the green area)


First up Evie, who is 7 months old and has been testing the size 4 nappies.

Evie is actually quite a big baby for her age and I have actually just started buying her size 5 nappies. I noticed the nappies were doing up on the white so based on the Little Angels size up guide it shows I am right and I definitely should be moving her up a size. I think this is a great idea as I always wonder when I should move them up a size. A big tick for helping confused Mama’s like me!


Even though she definitely could have done with being in the next size up she looked comfortable in them (no red marks) and we had zero leaks which is a big win!


She’s also started to move around a lot and I have noticed other nappies looking like they are going to fall off but these stay put perfectly until the next change.

Amelie who recently tested the pants is trialling the size 6 nappies.

Amelie is actually quite thin and fits into the size 4’s even though she is nearly 3!!!! Both sizes fitted her well but the absorption on the 4’s probably wasn’t right for her so the 6 was the best size. She seemed comfortable in them and I noticed less nappy rash which is a big problem with Amelie so I wonder if these were softer than the brand I usually buy. 

We also tried these overnight and I was so impressed that she slept as well as she usually did and the nappy was still in place and hadn’t leaked. 

She is a big talker and confirmed that she liked these nappies – thanks Amelie!



We have been really impressed with these nappies. Not only are they comfortable (no red marks on the girls or nappy rash), they didn’t leak which is my number one worry!

I’m always drawn to the big brands for nappies but I have decided that I am going to change my habits and try something new based on some really successful tests we have been doing recently.

Thanks to ASDA for sending us these nappies to try. One happy Mama and two happy babies really enjoyed trying them out.

Sarah x

*We were sent these nappies to review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own*

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