Evie’s 6 month update

April 20, 2017

I’m really late in writing this update, the Easter holidays have been busy, busy! I’m sitting down now to write this as I love looking back at all the things she’s been doing as they just grow so quickly!

Now you can

You’ve mastered two big things this month; sitting and eating!

I’m so happy you’re sitting now, albeit with some support (and you often do topple to the side and end up face down) but you love being able to sit up next to Amelie and see everything that’s going on. You were getting quite frustrated not being able to sit so you’re much happier now.

And eating! We started weaning you just before 6 months as you seeemed so much more hungry and so far you’re loving it.

You’ve tried lots of fruit and veg and your favourite at the moment is strawberries – you ate a whole one this morning!


Your favourite toys are

Anything you can chew!! Your teeth are just beginning to come through and you love all your teething toys.


You like to

Scream! You’ve really found your voice and you’re suddenly screaming – when Amelie catches on you both do! It’s usually around meal times so maybe you’re telling me to hurry up!


You love to watch Amelie, especially when she’s on the swing! It won’t be long until you can go on as well.


You love cuddles with your sister, you are going to be very close. I can see your relationship forming now – it’s lovely.


What I love

Your smile – it always cheers me up!

How adventurous you are, everything is interesting. I say this now but when you’re crawling I’ll probably regret saying this ?

What we have done

We went on a long trip down to Cornwall with your Grandparents and Auntie, Uncle and cousin.

We went to Watergate Bay and absolutely loved the break and opportunity to spend time together.


You had your first swim with us all on holiday and you loved it! We had a brilliant wet suit that kept you warm and you loved trying to keep up with Amelie!


6 months with us and we couldn’t imagine life without you little one.

Love Mummy x

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