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Getting our toddler potty training ready… 

March 22, 2017

We’re getting close to starting our potty training with Amelie. She’s starting to get a bit more difficult about nappy changes; running away from me, refusing to be changed and wanting to do it herself. She’s also showing some other signs that she’s ready to ditch the nappies; often she doesn’t want her nappy on and is starting to get better at telling me when she needs to go to the toilet.

She’s two and a half so I’m keen to do the switch soon but I am slightly stalling because:

  • I want to wait for slightly warmer weather when she’ll have less layers on for accidents and when it’ll be easier to get the potty out if we’re out and about
  • I don’t want her to have a bad experience and then be scared of the process because we’ve rushed it
  • She still doesn’t always tell me when she needs to go so we need to encourage her to tell us more
  • I don’t feel like I know enough yet and I want to have all the tricks and tactics ready

Saying that I have started doing a few things to try and get her (and me) ready…


When we were getting Amelie ready for the arrival of her little sister we read books to try and explain what was going to happen (if you’re interested in that post click here) so thought I would try that tactic again. Good old Amazon Prime is always my first port of call for books and I found this, Princess Polly Potty.


It’s a really nice story about Princess Polly wanting to be a big girl like her Mummy, Daddy and brother who all wear pants. The story then takes you on Princess Polly’s potty training  journey. It covers moments when Princess Polly finds her potty, chooses her pants and then tries to use the potty. There are interactions such as ‘what pants would you like?’ or ‘is the potty a hat?’ and on every page there is a prompt for your toddler to press the button and hear the cheer! It’s a really positive, engaging and fun way to introduce the concept of using the potty and Amelie has been asking to read this book lots since we bought it.


Moving from nappies to pants*

We have always used Pampers nappies for Amelie. I’ve heard good things about other brands and supermarket brands but when you have something that works for you, especially with children, you tend to stick to it.

We were thinking about moving Amelie into nappy pants so she could start to learn how to pull up and pull down her nappy, just like you would knickers or pants. I was also wanting to change to nappy pants to try and make nappy changes easier and quicker!

So when we were offered the chance to try Asda Little Angels Peppa Pig first pants I was really excited. I’ve heard great things about this brand and Amelie is a big Peppa Pig fan so I went into our test with high expectations.



We love the design on the nappies, it’s great to show your toddler the Peppa and George pictures if they are being a bit difficult about being changed as it distracts them from the task in hand and I found Amelie getting excited about wearing her Peppa pants. They have also been really easy for both me and Amelie to get on and off, she is getting really good at changing herself at nappy change times.


They have appeared to be really good from an absorption point of view. We have had a few leaks recently with our current nappies but with the Little Angels ones no leaks as yet. This is obviously a big tick from me as a wet toddler when you’re out is really not fun!

And finally, comfort. I often notice Amelie looking uncomfortable in nappies, they either sag or move when she’s playing but so far these look and feel like they are comfortable for her – I haven’t noticed any sagging or movement from them and she isn’t trying to adjust them.

We’ve been really pleased with these and it’s been great for Amelie to start to pull them up and down like she would do with knickers. I’m hoping when we eventually do start potty training that the change to knickers won’t be such a big shock.


We’ve had one potty in the house for a while but with her love of Peppa Pig I thought I would get another for downstairs. This Peppa Pig one caught my eye and she’s already been sitting on it (albeit with clothes on) so I am taking this as a good sign.



Reward charts

I don’t use reward charts often but I thought I would try a reward chart and chocolate (!) when we start potty training. Amelie’s pre school teacher actually suggested these and she has taught Amelie lots recently so I am going to trust her suggestion!

I found this Peppa Pig reward chart (there is a theme here isn’t there) which also has stickers for eating well, brushing teeth and other tasks so I might use it when we’re struggling with those as well. Stickers are life with toddlers so fingers crossed this is a winner!


And for me…

I don’t get the chocolate or stickers but I get a Gina Ford book! I’ve heard good things about this book so I will let you know what I think and if it works!


What did you do to get your toddler potty training ready? Or did you just bite the bullet and go for it?

Sarah xx

*We were kindly sent the Little Angels pants to review for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions are our own and 100% honest*

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