The Siblings Project March

March 16, 2017

I love doing these updates, there is something so special about remembering all the moments your children have together. As Evie grows Amelie is becoming more excited by her little play mate – if a little worried at times that she’s going to take all of her things!

They still have their lovely moments as last month but Evie is giving lots more back, much to Amelie’s amusement. Here are some of my favourite moments this month.

Lots of kisses and cuddles

There are always lots of kisses and cuddles for Evie from Amelie.

I turn around and either see Amelie giving Evie something she shouldn’t or sitting on top of her while she’s sat in the bouncer. It’s lucky Evie is quite a sturdy baby as the poor thing gets sat on regularly when Amelie wants to give her cuddles or kisses.



Getting ready to wean Evie

I’ve started giving Evie a sippy cup to try and get her used to some water before we start weaning her.

Of course Amelie always wants to help, she loves to help with every Evie task so I let her and it was so cute watching Amelie trying to teach Evie and help her.


Starting to play together

Now that Evie can sit in her high chair I put her in there when Amelie is drawing or playing with stickers. Evie is always totally fascinated with Amelie and I think wants to join in. I think we’ll see more of this next month.



Just them being them

Then there are just times when they are together and I manage to capture a moment…


Sarah xx

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