Toddlers and tantrums 

February 26, 2017

We’ve been hit with a horrible tummy bug this week and it seems to have brought with it not only a very poorly Amelie but the return of serious tantrums. We haven’t had such bad ones for a while and now they’re happening again I’ve realised the way I need to respond to them has changed.

I remember Amelie’s first tantrum vividly, she was about 20 months old and we went to a garden centre with her grandparents. She had missed her morning nap and it was getting close to lunch so we said it was time to go. At this she snapped, it was a full blown tantrum – rolling around on the floor, screaming, running away from Nick and I, she didn’t want to know. In the end I had to leave her (obviously safe) a few steps away from us to scream it out. I was mortified, upset and didn’t know what to do. Luckily there were some VERY nice people there who gave me some words of encouragement, ‘we’ve all been there love’, ‘don’t worry she’ll calm down’ but when you’re in that moment and out of your comfort zone it’s horrendous, the worse thing is seeing your child out of control and upset and I felt really helpless. After about 10 minutes (which seemed like an hour) she calmed down, walked over to me and put her hands up for a cuddle – we bundled her into the buggy and left very quickly!

The worst one we’ve had was on holiday. I know now if you are flying with a toddler to have EVERY distraction with you – 20 packs of chocolate buttons, an iPad, LOADS of stickers, toys, colouring books, you get the idea. I wasn’t prepared for our first flight with a toddler and when we got held on a runway for 45 minutes and they insisted Amelie still had her seatbelt on sat on my lap you can only imagine the melt down. 300+ eyes were on us as she screamed and screamed. I have to admit I might have cried at some point until the most amazing lady behind grabbed my hand and one a few rows back caught Amelie’s eye and started playing peek-a-boo. My saviours! On the way home I was armed with diversions and thank goodness we had no tantrums.

You can see it from their point of view really, why would you want to be dragged away from somewhere when you’re having fun or why would you want to do something you really don’t want to do? We don’t do we and nor do toddlers and that’s fine. At the moment she can’t articulate it in any other way so it’s my job to try and either divert or distract!

After the first few tantrums I started to learn the triggers, they’ll happen when she’s tired, she’s hungry or she’s ill. I am therefore very strict on her still having a nap, not being out too close to  lunchtime and if it’s not at those times my warning guard is up for an illness coming.

Recently her tantrums have changed though, she seems more frustrated, she gets much more angry and some of my tried and tested ways to soothe her don’t work anymore. So this week I ditched my old ways to deal or avoid tantrums and had to learn all over again, this is what I have learnt this week…

  • Divert, divert, divert – if I see her getting frustrated or close to a tantrum I find a favourite task or toy and try and divert her attention to that rather than the problem that’s about to cause a full on melt down.
  • I always have a snack handy, especially if we’re out close to lunch time and she’s been active.
  • I find giving her choices helps, so do you want to wear this top or that top?
  • If we are leaving an activity she is enjoying I give her a warning, for example 10 more swings on the swing then we’re getting off.
  • Keep calm – I’m quite an emotional person and do get upset when I see my children upset so I am having to learn to take a deep breath and not get upset or angry.
  • A lot of her tantrums this week have started when she wants me and not Daddy which is hard when you have to look after a second child or when you’re ill (as I am now writing this). I can see why, I’m with her all week and we are very close but Daddy is pretty cool and fun too so we are making sure her and Daddy have more one on one time together so it’s a bit more divided.
  • Amelie used to calm down with cuddles but this hasn’t been working recently, she gets more angry with any attention I give her. I now just have to ensure she’s safe and leave her – once she’s calmed down she’ll come and find me. I try and have a fun activity ready for when she comes back.
  • And finally, move the baby away. Amelie is very good with Evie, but when she’s angry I move Evie out of her reach just in case. I also make sure that I am on my own when she calms down so she knows I am there for her without a distraction. When she’s calm I’ll pick Evie up again.

I had some wonderful advice after an awful tantrum the other day from the lovely Instagram Mummy’s, thanks as always ladies. One that I really loved and am going to try was from @intrepidbebe. She suggested reading books about feelings to try and explore the feeling they have, so if they’re angry to get them to explain that and then both see if we can do calm. We both tried doing calm this morning in the middle of a tantrum and me doing ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ sounds stopped her crying and I even got a hint of a giggle.

As with everything with these little people tantrums are one of those phases of growing up and I am sure I’ll look back on this in a few years time and smile at the situations we’ve been in. It’s our toddlers way of expressing themselves, so I see it as a good thing – she’s developing and learning what she likes and dislikes, it’s just my role now to help her start articulating her feelings in another way. Wish me luck!

How do you deal with toddler tantrums?

Sarah xx

My Petit Canard

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  • Reply Beth wills February 26, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    My daughter is 2 and a bit and is having the similar tantrums, a lot has been since my 2nd has been born, your advice seems very helpful!

    • Reply sarahsurreymama February 26, 2017 at 9:42 pm

      Poor you it’s horrible isn’t it. I hope it gets better x

    • Reply sarahsurreymama February 26, 2017 at 10:46 pm

      Poor you, I hope it gets easier has she settles into being a big sister x

  • Reply mumandlittleboo February 26, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    My son is 3 and the tantrums have suddenly started out of the blue again. Like you, I’ve tried to figure out the triggers and think these ones are to do with changes at his nursery recently. It’s so hard though, especially when you are out in public and just want the ground to swallow you up! Hope it gets better soon for you all!x

    • Reply sarahsurreymama February 26, 2017 at 10:46 pm

      It’s really hard especially when you’re out, it’s my worst nightmare!! I think any change can trigger them can’t they, I wonder whether me being ill over the last few days has made them worse as I’ve not been around so much… Hope it gets easier xx

  • Reply mackenzieglanville February 27, 2017 at 9:22 am

    thankfully we are out of that stage, although I miss all the cute things about that age too. I think just accepting that they are trying to figure out this big confusing world helped keep me calm through the hard tantrums xx

  • Reply Katrina February 28, 2017 at 2:22 am

    Oh gosh, my three year old has just begun the tantrum stage. It’s exhausting at time. And he’s my 10th child, so I am not “new” to the tantrum thing. But you know what? It just never gets easier. It’s always hard, always annoying, and always pushes my patience to the limits. Thankfully this stage doesn’t last forever. How I deal: I take a deep breath, and then I talk in a low voice. I have found that talking in a low voice makes the child get quieter so that he can hear you. (sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t) — if that doesn’t work, food always does. Isn’t that awful, LOL. But hey, when you are in a public place you will do anything!

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