The Siblings Project, February

February 16, 2017

I’ve recently discovered The Siblings Project on Instagram, which is a lovely idea that encourages you to snap at least one image of your children together every month. I am pretty snappy happy so thought I would start collating my favourites every month into a post with the memories that accompany them. The girls are changing so rapidly I worry I will forget all the funny things they say and do so I hope this helps capture those moments.

Here are my favourite images of the girls for this month.


Amelie loves having Evie in her cot before her naps and at bedtime. She snuggles up to her in the cot, gives her lots of kisses and asks me over and over again if she can sleep there!


Evie is starting to sit a bit better now and is generally much more aware and mobile. I think this has made her much more appealing to Amelie as a play mate and as such she is really starting to play with her. They like to hold hands and Evie always giggles so much when Amelie kisses her or blows raspberries on her tummy.

Amelie has started calling Evie her ‘best friend’ so there are a lot of comments like ‘hold hands with my best friend’ and ‘see, best friends Mummy’.


This was a picture of the girls at my parents house. Amelie was playing with Evie but this time Evie got her own back and started to chew Amelie’s finger much to the amusement of Amelie!


These girls love their Daddy and these loving looks are all in his direction! In the morning Amelie always asks to go and see Evie (as generally she sleeps longer than Amelie) so we go in and Amelie starts shouting ‘Ebee, Ebee Ammy here’. We then have a snuggle in our bed which usually ends up with the girls giggling and cuddling. The problem is we just never get ready so always end up in a rush!


Evie has just started rolling and is really holding her head up well on her tummy now. Amelie likes to get down on Evie’s mat with her and show Evie how to crawl. I think we’re a way off that yet but with Amelie encouraging her it might be sooner than we think!

That’s my round up for February, I am looking forward to capturing lots more moments for March.





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