Husband to wife Q&A

January 29, 2017

I thought it would be fun to ask my husband to write me some questions that are a little more interesting than the standard where I live / what I did pre-Mummy (if you’re interested in that, see the ‘about’ section).

Here goes then…

How do you cope when I’m working late? 

Wine…. I’m joking.
Organisation, patience and at bad times a ‘things could always be worse’ mentality. That’s not to say at times I don’t lose my temper or have a cry but generally the above is true.
Bath and bed time with two can be quite difficult as they both want to go to bed at different times. I remember when I was pregnant with Evie panicking about how I would manage this. We’ve managed to get ourselves into a nice little routine now so if Nick is late I can just about manage it. Here’s what I do:
6pm – Amelie watches Peppa Pig whilst I make milk for them both and run upstairs and get all nighttime clothes out ready for bed
6.15-6.30pm – get them both in the bath, Evie gets out first and plays on her mat whilst Amelie and I have a play before getting her dressed
6.30-6.45pm – we sit on my bed and read books whilst Evie has her milk. Once Evie has finished and has been winded Amelie says night to her sister and then goes to her room to either read books or play with her dolls house
7pm – I rock Evie to sleep which can take about 15 minutes on a bad night then creep out to Amelie’s room to get her settled in bed.
There have been nights where the above just doesn’t work so I stick Evie in her bouncer and get Amelie sorted first and then try again with Evie! It’s definitely getting easier as each month goes by and they both get older, so I’m sure we’ll keep adapting this.
I’m always impressed about how you stay on top of pre school bits, planning family life and now doing your blog. How do you do that? I struggle to get to work on time!
Organisation and I don’t sit down very much! I remember when I went back to work one of the mums in my office said that motherhood and being a working mother was all about being organised.
I get everything out the night before ready for the morning and leave it in the hall. I have Evie’s changing bag packed, Amelie’s pre school bag packed and Evie’s bottles sterilised and out for when I need them. This means that in the mornings I just have to get them dressed, fed and out of the door. That’s not to say that in itself isn’t a massive task though! You may have seen my Instagram last week where Amelie was walking around our kitchen, bagel hanging out of her mouth as I was running round trying to find more muslins and clothes for Evie as she had been sick. Somehow we managed to get to preschool on time #winning
This year I have started a paper diary again to try and keep on top of everyone’s activities and appointments which is really helping as we can both see what’s going on instead of it being stored in an individual phone.
And finally, I write content when I have a few spare minutes and then build it up over time. At the moment I have a couple of posts written as I’ve been lucky that the girls have been napping at the same time, so if they decide to not coordinate I’ve got some breathing space!
What do you think about when I’m snoring next to you in bed and you’re up feeding in the dark? 
For a few minutes I hate you but then I concentrate on Evie and enjoy the cuddles. As she is a second child I do find it harder to have real one on one time or enjoy cuddles so sometimes I actually quite enjoy it.
What’s the best thing we’ve done as a family? 
That’s a hard one as we’ve just become a four fairly recently and I hate to leave Evie out. Pre Evie I would say our holiday to Daios Cove in Crete last year. Although the flight out there was probably the worst 4 hours of my life the actual holiday was wonderful as we both had quality time together with Amelie and each other.
Best thing now we’ve had Evie is just having family time as a four, hopefully there will be more memories this year.
Has having children changed the way you look at me?
Yes in a way, we’ve both changed since 19 year old freshers at Uni and every year I think I love you for more reasons. You’re a wonderful Daddy to the girls and I love you for that.
(You definitely put that one in as you knew I’d be nice)!!
What’s the one thing I should do more of? 
We both made a resolution this year to start putting our phones away over dinner and when the girls are playing with us. We both need to remember to do this as I worry that we both miss little moments and they are only little for such a short space of time.
What’s the one thing I should do less of? 
Work. You do so much in the evenings and at weekends.
If you had a superpower what would it be?
To split myself in two! I need a third and forth pair of hands sometimes.

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