10 things I didn’t realise until I was a mummy of two

January 29, 2017
1. That you can love both of your children in equal amounts. Sometimes I love something Amelie is doing more, other times Evie but my love for them is equal.

2. That somehow you survive however little sleep, rest, ‘me time’ you get. Coffee and wine helps but ask my 20 year old self to function on the sleep I’ve had over the last 2 and a half years and I would have laughed (or cried).
3. You’re desperate for a break from them but when you get it you miss them and spend the whole time away looking through pictures of them!
4. You find a superhuman ability to get everything done you never thought you could get done with one!
5. Some days can be HARD and you feel like the worst mummy, but then the next day feels like a dream and that you’re winning at this parenthood thing.
6. Juggling and multitasking becomes second nature. I can eat breakfast, wash bottles and empty the dishwasher whilst watching two children.
7. You can play an elaborate game with a toddler whilst changing a babies poo explosion nappy and check your Instagram ?
8. The days can absolutely fly or feel like a month depending on the weather, if your children are ill or not and if you’re husband is home late!
9. That you will always feel guilty however much one on one time you have with either of them, it never seems enough.
10. That you can’t believe you’ve made two beautiful little children that look at you like you’re the best person they’ve ever met, sometimes like you’re the most awful person (mostly referring to the toddler here)!

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