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January 24, 2017
I have such fond memories as a child and teenager of looking back at family albums, video tapes of ballet shows and my first year book. Even now I look back at them and compare how my girls look to how I looked at the same age.

There was no question that when I had children I was going to document their milestones in some kind of way so they can hopefully have the same joy that I did looking back at years gone by.
We have found a few lovely ways to record our girls firsts and creations.
Amelie’s Memory Book
Amelie started coming home with a mountain of art work when she started with a childminder when I went back to work, it continues now she is at pre school.
We found an amazing memory book from Meminio which I’m using for the the best ones she does, any crafts or drawings we do together at home and some pictures from pre school. I’ve also got some luggage tags that say ‘remember’, on the back I write the memory and the date that goes with that picture or moment.
Baby books 
I think we all do these don’t we. I have to admit that I have only just finished Amelie’s as I just never had the time when she was a baby but they’ll both have the same book when they’re older to look back on.
Art and photographs 
My husband is a designer so he always gets tasked with either finding great things for our house or designing everything. He was the brains behind our wedding stationery, website and invitations and now with children the way we display the 100’s of pictures I take of them.
This is something he made for me for my birthday for Amelie’s 1st year.
I love it and so does Amelie. She always looks at it when she’s having her dinner and tells me about the different pictures and who is in them.
I’m not a photographer, I wish I was, but for special occasions we try and find a photographer to document moments for us. We had some photos taken at home of us when Amelie was 6 months old and I went to a newborn shoot with Evie when she was 10 days old. There is something amazing about professional photographs and the ones we have had done are my absolute favourites.
Here I am venturing into the world of blogging. This is something I’ve thought about for a long time and in a way I wish I had started with Amelie. Better late than never as they say. I’ll be starting a monthly update for Evie, the first one you can read here and for Amelie I’ll do an update every three months.
I hope that this will also be something they can look back on as a window into our lives in their early years – a modern way of documenting what my parents did for us.
What do you do to document your children’s early years?
Sarah x

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