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    A Spa Break At Brooklands Hotel

    A Spa Break is my dream kind of break and when it’s combined with an Anniversary, a stay in a beautiful hotel and a driving experience for the man in my life it’s surely…

    September 8, 2018
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    Holidays With Extended Family #1 Italy

    Taking holidays with your extended family is something I am seeing more and more people do. Perhaps it’s the stage of life we’re in, but there’s no denying that more families are choosing to…

    September 6, 2018
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    Dear Amelie. You’re Starting School 

    Dear Amelie, I’m writing this two days before you go into school for the first time, the day you start reception. You don’t actually start for another week or so due to a staggered…

    September 3, 2018
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    My Morning Routine With Two Children

    This is a paid advertorial with Breville As the new school terms starts I am starting to think about my morning routine and how it will change from the ‘summer holiday slow routine’ into…

    September 3, 2018
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    [AD] Back To School With Tesco

    This is a paid advertorial with Tesco I really can’t believe it, next week Amelie will head into her reception classroom for the first time, meet her teacher and a whole lot of new…

    August 25, 2018
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    Monkey World Review

    Now the girl’s are older we are loving day (or morning) trips out and on our recent trip to Dorset we couldn’t not visit Monkey World. The girl’s love animals, especially after our recent…

    August 23, 2018